My Company will pay for any school, which school would you recommend?

First, I transferred to new company because they agree to pay for ANY school. So, my initial goal was to go for MBA. Took 2 courses and realized it wasn’t for me. Next, I’ve changed to “Technical Management” master degree. This major was more of a fit for me but I’m just not sure. Definitely, I’m more of hands-on type of guy and I’ve already earned Masters in Computer Science already. After this…I’m thinking of trying either Information Assurance or PHD in Computer Science. Anyways, I’m in it for the money. What’s a good IT degree to have for $$$? No Management recommendations please!!! Or Have I reach to the point that school will not bring financial gain any more?? No, I won’t go to school just to learn for “fun” :lol::lol:

To be honest in the web industry, education has little specific value as a high end portfolio with plenty of experience will often earn you more (in many cases) than a graduate fresh from a computer science degree. Though it depends what kind of job you’re looking to get as to whether it’s worth burning more money on courses. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I figure I’ll learn anything that’ll lure more $$$ but I guess I love the tech field too much. I did some research on PHD and seems like they earn about 10~20% more than someone having a master. Maybe I will take other classes that’s non-computer related for “fun”! maybe a graphic design course…that’ll be fun~

ur doing it wrong, lolz

You’ve already got a Masters in a technical field and you aren’t interested in a masters in the business side of things so why go on if you don’t enjoy the learning experience?

I don’t know too many people who got PHDs without having a real love for learning.