Go for Information Assurance degree?

For main reason I switch to current job is education funding will be 100% covered… I tried applying to very expensive MBA school which I’ve quit, then I apply for technical management degree…which I quit again… now I’m not even sure what to go for. As of now I already have masters in C.S. but I wonder if IA degree would increase my marketing value. I’ve tried to google what job tasks are for the people w/ Information Assurance but wasn’t able to get into specifics… not even sure if they are technical work or more like being Audit people… Does anyone know? Somehow I’m guessing that I’ll have to take a paycut if I take job in Information Assurance… I’m really confused… maybe I’m done w/ school… Also, I will NEVER go for Phd in CS. Any advise would be appreciated!!!

I’m sorry - it’s been a long day, and the run on sentences are making my head hurt more than they already do…

Can you please rephrase your question so that it’s a little more direct? :shifty:

Gotcha. Let me use the bullet points

  • Does Information Assurance degree help for someone who already have M.S. in Computer Science?
  • What do they REALLY do at work through IA degree? I’ve read some posts in monster.com and it looked more like project management.
  • If I do get a job with the IA degree, is it more likely that I’ll take a pay cut? Meaning that my IT experience w/ the CS would not count?

Been thinking about this all day… turns out I only need take 7 courses to get this degree. The courses I’ve chosen are

695 . 401 - Foundations of Information Assurance
695 . 421 - Public Key Infrastructure and Managing E-Security
695 . 422 - WWW Security
695 . 701 - Cryptology
695 . 711 - Java Security
695 . 712 - Authentication Technologies
605 . 715 - Software Development for Real-Time Systems

Never mind… I found this link


Ah well, I guess I’m done w/ school… crap…

If you’ve already got a Masters in CS then I think it’s safe to say that you’ve got the necessary education you need to do anything. The only other thing I could have suggested in regards to education is a MBA, although you have already looked into that route.

It seems like you’re looking for a change in career rather than re-educating yourself.

Yeah…I’m definitely not MBA material… took 3 courses to realize that…

It seems like you’re looking for a change in career rather than re-educating yourself.

Hm… basically, I left previous “awesome” job to go to MBA for free but now that goal has been utterly destroyed… trying to find other route to take advantage of their benefit… I’m even thinking of going to “Video Game Technology” school just for fun.

In that case, if you’re looking for something “fun” to do that you can benefit from then I would highly recommend taking a degree outside of your comfort zone, and largely outside of your area of expertise.

If admissions isn’t a concern and you want to improve your writing skills and knowledge you could always go for Law or English? Advertising or Graphic Design would also be great choices that would round you off better as an employee. If you want to branch out into something a bit more crazy like AI, Bioinformatics or Game Development then a natural science would be a great choice, something along the likes of Biology or Physics.

A lot of people I know who studied IT have degrees in History, English, Law, Physics, etc.

Interesting! Graphic Design looks fun as well. Yeah, they’ll pretty much pay for everything in at job… currently, our secretary was attending the same MBA school as I was

…Are you hiring?

Believe me… if you love doing Web stuff…this is not the place!!! I sacrificed a lot to get here… at one point, I almost quit due boredom… then I finally found a web project :slight_smile: Though…I’m not sure how long that will last.

If you’re interested join UARC and they all have similar benefits.