My Colour Scheme

Hello I have just sent my first ever website out to friends to get feedback, and a couple have mentioned that the red and yellow text is too bright on their eyes.

I chose those colours because of the link my website has to the idea of Berlin, hence colours of the German flag.

Do you think it is particularly detrimental? Or should I stick with it? I have darkened the yellow and red shades a bit but perhaps I could do more?

Many thanks

I don’t have a problem with the yellow, but I find the red extremely hard to read, especially on the brownish background of the sidebar. Although it seems too bright, for somebody with colour-blindness, that red text could vanish altogether, because there is insufficient contrast. I find this tool invaluable for checking colour combinations. It not only lets you test for “normal” vision, but shows you how the text would appear with various forms of colour-blindness. It can be most enlightening. :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, but I find the red on grey and grey on black text horrible. If the site did not offer vital info that I couldn’t get anywhere else, I’d be gone in a second.
Symbology is a great tool, but it should be used in a sublte way.

The yellow is ok I guess, but the red is kind of annoying. I general it’s a good idea to work with the color wheel (use colors that sit opposite against each other on the wheel). Good luck with your first website!

Yes, the red on gray is pretty harsh. I doubt that people will really appreciate the spirit behind the color choices anyway, so I’d rethink this. Perhaps have the colors somewhere—as borders, a background image or whatever—but not mix those colors with the actual text. So maybe have a white page with decorations at the top, sides or elsewhere, but not behind the actual text.

Thanks to all for feedback.

I think I will do a site redesign in the short-term future once I have learnt some more coding and make boxes etc with the chosen colours and change to a white or very light background.

I will also lessen the harshness of the red somehow.

You can also take help from these websites:

Hello would you agree that the colour scheme is better now? Ta.

Ah, much better. Kinda nice actually. :slight_smile:

I still find the red on gray a bit hard to read.

Me too. You still don’t have nearly enough contrast between those colours for legibility. (See my post above.)

the color scheme is not right, you must see some same sites and note their color schemes and then yopu can get an example, in my opinion use white background