My Bootstrap navdropdowns stopped working

So I was editing my website lately… and now I just discovered that my main Bootstrap nav’s dropdowns menus are no more working. They won’t open anymore. I really don’t understad what is causing this and how to fix it. Can you please take a look and see if you can help me? The website is The nav is the grey one at the top. Thank you a lot in advance for any help!

Try putting the jquery library before the bootstrap js script

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This did the trick! Thank you so much! I wish you a merry christmas! :smile:

Excuse me guys if I bump this topic, but I installed a new theme and I still can’t get the Bootstrap menus dropdowns to work correctly. They doesn’t open right now. Can you please help me how to fix the issue?

This is the website:

Click on any dropdown menu in the top navbar…

The drop downs worked correctly for me on Chrome. I also didn’t see any errors in the console that would prevent those drop downs from working. What browser are you using which the drop downs don’t work correctly?

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Same with oddz.

The only dropdown though I see is the “info” one at the top. The secondary navigation (home, w3-internet, etc) don’t have dropdowns there, but there is no HTML in there for dropdowns, if you meant that?

Not much information here to work with though :frowning: .

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I’m sorry guys. I didn’t explained well my problem. Those you tested work normally. The problem is with these ones:

Oh, edit: thank you so much for your help!

You missed the closing script tag on your bootstrap js :smile:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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God bless you! LOL
Thank you A LOT! I would have never noticed it by myself. I thought on some type of conflicts.

The validator would have soon told you.

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