MVC Framework

Hi all, apologies for banging on about frameworks just need to get things right as I’m about to start on what will become a pretty large project.

I’ve experimented with using CodeIgniter and like it - well at least it’s MVC pattern but not keen on how I use post data, sessions, etc. For example I like to use $_SESSION[‘example’] = ‘hello’ rather than using CodeIgniters system and the same is with post data I’d much rather get hands on with my code.

So, to cut a long story short - is there any MCV frameworks out there that provide just this. Could I use CodeIgniter just as an MCV or would this not be considered good practice? I should then be on the right track hopefully…

I use CakePHP as an MVC framework, but often override default functionality or resort to straight PHP if desired. I like the flexibility of being able to use the framework or not too.

I am partial to CodeIgniter. There is nothing stopping you from using the PHP session and post variables in there. In fact, most of the tutorials about entering into your code logic use $_POST.

Hi, I do like using the MVC side of things with CodeIgniter, like it very much. So is using straight PHP rather using the helpers, etc considered a good practice? So confussed…currently looking into maybe moving to ASP.NET - there seems to be too many loose ways with PHP - but I do like PHP a lot…hmmm…so confussed…

Can someone answer me - is using CodeIgniter as an MCV and using straight PHP rather than CodeIgniters code an okay practice?

Since you can implement MVC in your own PHP code as well, it is nothing such difference. But point to be noted is writing code on your own only to implement MVC will just be reinventing the wheel. So go for CI or any other VMC frameworks.

Hey, thanks for the reply, I’d have no idea how to implement my own MVC - this is why I was going to use CodeIgniter and then write stright PHP. However, it’s looking likely I’ll make the switch to ASP.NET, it just seems better structured…