Multiple errors in chrome extension

I use the chrome extension Sync Tab Groups to manage my tabs in the browser. It works great, but I’d just like to make a couple small cosmetic changes to it. Unfortunately, the developer has dropped maintenance of the code. Using GIT, I forked the code from to my computer and made a couple edits to the css. When I went into Chrome and loaded the extension, there were multiple errors with the code.

For example, the manifest.json file was not in the root (it was in the \extensions folder) and the paths to files did not reference that \extensions folder. After fixing all that, I now get errors like “Manifest version 2 is deprecated” and “cannot use import statement outside a module”.

How can this code work perfectly, but my fork of it has so many issues? If creating a new extension is out of the question, is there a way I can inject a bit of css into the extension? I’m pretty much a javascript newbie, so any advice on what can be done is appreciated.

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Did… you rebuild the code for Production after making your changes?

A deprecation warning is probably not an Error, its a Warning.
That said, I stuck the phrase “Manifest version 2 is deprecated” into Google, and immediately got taken to the V2 Manifest page on Google Developers… which has a red block at the top saying how it’s deprecated and to “Follow the Manifest V3 Migration guide to convert your extension to Manifest V3.” With a link to said guide.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the Github page you linked has a listed alternative extension for Chrome that is currently maintained… perhaps you might want to try that instead?