Multidimensional arrays with mysql results

I’ve finally succumbed to posting here after too many hours on this…

… for example if I have:

// querying the database above **

$tab1_p = $row['tab_1'];
$tab1_p_exp = explode(',',$tab1_p);
//$tab1_p_exp[0] = 1st element of 1st result

simple so far…and obviously all working… now say I merge similar results to the ones above into another array:

$tabs_p_merge = array_merge ($tab1_p_exp, $tab2_p_exp);

if I try to get the 1st element of 1st result like this:

echo $tabs_p_merge[0][0];

…it will only output the first character rather than the first entry…e.g. 5 instead of 50… so my point is that it doesn’t seem to be working like a regular array and my question is how can I get the first entry (or any entry) by using $tabs_p_merge…

_thanks all

array_merge on two arrays does not if give you a multidimensional array if the arrays you are merging are not multidimensional themselves (which in your case they’re not).



to see what’s going on.