MS Filter Maze

Well, I’ve almost got to the 1000 posts, so I thought I’d have a go at something interesting.

So here’s a 3D maze created for IE browsers only.
Took me a night to create, and has loads of possibilities.
Has no images at all. Made with just divs and filters.

Have a play…
And tell me what you think.

Any suggestions on what to include would be really cool.


Safari’s a bit crazy :slight_smile:
When I first created this maze, I thought it would be so much better with perspective. Well, I recently came across this page where Paul creates a 3D animated cube with perspective for the Safari browser.

Well, it had to be attempted, and this weekend I had a bit of success. Here’s 2 pages that demonstrate perspective in Safari.

You can click on the images or use the arrow keys and z & x to strafe left and right. It’s been a fun project!

Pretty cool. Suggestion: include a way out! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :slight_smile: Was thinking of putting objects into the grid randomly and timing the collection. Or maybe a race to the end and back again. ( when there’s an end!! lol )

Ideas for making it a real fun maze?

What would be really neat is combining the 3D stuff with the rotation function and the [url=“”]zoom function and have a full 3D engine. Maybe in a few years :slight_smile: Have to get my head round the maths!! :confused:

Would it be better to have the box stay in the center of the page and have the page scroll?

Fill it with dogs and nazis and occasionally put in a health pack, some ammo and a bigger gun. Oh wait, nm…

lol…nice one Jim :smiley:

If I could build a decent 3D engine for the web I would do that. I was thinking of a multiplayer game. If I can make a 3D object in IE, and rotate an object, really I should be able to make a 3D rotating object. A tank would be a perfect start as it’s quite “blocky”. And to get it to fire would be a awesome.

Texture would be easy to add, just by putting a background image to the div. Maybe a nice wall. I left the grid numbers there for the mo so it’s easy to build up the maze.

Hey :slight_smile:

Made a maze that works in Firefox and Opera too

Still no way out yet thought :wink:

At Last!

Cross browser with a finish, adjustable tilt and opacity:)

Does anyone know if the filters work on a mobile device? Does the webkit skew and transparency work on the iPhone?

BTW, it’ll show you exactly how powerful your browser is, sorry Firefox on Windows users :frowning: You might want to switch to Chrome