(Screenshot) A web-based 3d game using ReactJS and WebGL

Hello! I’m working on a 3d browser based game using ThreeJS, WebGL, and React. It’s called “Charisma The Chameleon,” and the idea is you shrink/zoom in forever to solve a smaller and smaller maze. Here’s a gif of the gameplay:

All of it is driven by ReactJS. Meaning I have components like < Level />, < Player />, < Wall />, etc. I plan to release a blog post about this process because it makes developing the game pretty interesting. I’m also doing a more functional-style game loop, which I hope to blog about too.

(Am I allowed to post links?) If you want, you can sign up for updates at http://charismachameleon.com.


Sounds interesting Andrew :slight_smile:

I don’t see a problem with posting links to your project, one of the Advisor’s will pop in and let you know if there is though.

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It sounds like a really cool concept. Is it inspired by anything other than just N64 games? Like some other similar game using that mechanic.

What we’d really like would be for you to share some more of your story here, to inspire others or discuss the merits (or otherwise) of your approach.

(It looks a fun game, and I love the colours.)

Maybe I don’t have much imagination, but… (see drawings)


http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/scorpion :scorpion:

Artistic licence, @ronpat.

It reminds me of Pascal, the Chameleon in “Tangled”.

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Nothing specifically. I’ve been trying to find other games with similar mechanics but having a hard time. Katamari Damaci is one but it’s not quite the same thing. I’m more surprised at how few high quality WebGL games there are right now. The browser is more powerful than an N64 is, and probably requires a similar amount of hacking and tinkering that N64 developers had to go through. Yet we haven’t seen anything close to that level of quality. I’m hoping to raise the bar at least a little.


Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it. It sounds very original.

I’m looking forward to reading the blog post on how you put it together.

Screenshot Saturday! I’m working on level backgrounds. The first background is nebula-ish, and the second one (more obvious) is a galaxy.

All driven by Javascript and ThreeJS :slight_smile:

Here’s one of the shaders themselves:

(they’re all open source on ShaderFrog), like http://shaderfrog.com/app/view/776


One more screencap. Trying to get the demo out as fast as possible! Looking at <1month now until demo release.

The use of ReactJS means I get to separate my view from my logic. The buttons are very simple < Button percentPressed={…} /> and don’t know anything else. The logic and data is handled purely in a third party game loop. It’s a really nice way to code.


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