Mozilla Bug, and H5 tag

Hello, I am new to sitepoint hoping to learn a lot from you all!

I just realized I am having a problem on my site in Mozilla
I have attached a screenshot of each as well.

The heading “Website Template Examples” is in the correct position on safari, but when I open Mozilla the position changes. Tried looking through my code for a problem but couldn’t find one.

Any suggestions?


Well shoot for some reason im still seeing it, I am using the same version Firefox, I also have tried firebug and everything looks ok.

Hmm, weird. Are you on a Mac? I’ve seen the occasional rendering discrepancy between the Mac and Windows versions of the same browser. I’ll have a look at work tomorrow…

OK, well it looks fine on my work Mac too (Firefox 3.6.8).

I would suggest changing the H5s for H4s or something else and seeing what happens. It kinda looks like there’s some rogue floating element pushing the text across but I can’t see anything there. Without being able to see the problem first hand I’m kinda out of ideas :-/

Unless you’ve fixed it in the meantime, it looks fine in my Firefox (3.6.8) which is what I guess you’re referring to by Mozilla.

I would install Firebug (if you don’t already have it) and use the Inspect Element function to see if you can work out what’s going on. Sorry if that’s not much help :slight_smile: