Browser Test Mac Issues

hey there - I’m having issues with (of all things) my MAC (Safari) rendering a website differently from everything else. It’s usually Internet Explorer that gives me pains, but this time it’s Safari that’s throwing things off a bit.

It appears to be the search bar, top right - pushing things out of whack here:

I have tried various things and retested, and no workie properly in Safari. I know it’s something small that I have missed, but I can’t look at it any longer!

If anyone has any ideas - I am all ears!!

Many thanks,

The problem seems to be that the Go! button on the form is dropping. Perhaps try float:left on those inputs instead of display:inline.

Yes - it definitely was dropping - only on the mac. I tried the float attributes instead of the display - and it didn’t work either. This - for me - was something I really didn’t want to try - but it seemed to have worked - used a 2-column table. I know, I know - “Tables Are the Devil” - but I still use them a whole lot, specifically for fixed-width e-commerce templates, - and it did work here. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your suggestion - I might have not done something correctly with it - but in the end - we did get it lined up. :slight_smile:

What’s a Mac? Just kidding! I don’t have access to one so I assume, with crossed fingers that if it displays properly in the windows version of safari that it will work on a Mac. Haven’t had any complaints from clients about it yet in 8 years of web design.

LOL - I know - this was extra weird. It HAD worked on the Mac (Safari and Mozilla on the Mac) and fine on Windows. Then something went wrong (like - 2 months later) and the Mac browsers stopped rendering it the same way. Even Mozilla (on the mac, but not on the windows based PC) - SO weird.