Move slider with scroll the sitepoint one

Hi there! I am trying to make a slider that moves at the same time of the scrollbar of the page… since I don’t know much of javascript I thought of getting the scrollY position and printing the value on the input range real time…but I’ve done a mess so far as I don’t know how to make that happen:sweat_smile:. While looking for understandable documentation about this I’ve come across what I exactly want: the slider that keeps track of the messages/dates here on sitepoint. Like this one on the right that goes from 1/12 to 12/12 to put an example: Retrieving form field value without clicking submit button

anyone knows how to do it or where to find the code for that effect of controlling the slider with the scroll page?¿ thaanks


Until someone who knows what they are doing comes along here’s my jquery attempt at this.

Assuming of course that’s what you meant :slight_smile:

It’s probably full of bugs but may give you some clues.

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The SitePoint code is for the most part Discourse code.
Discourse code is open-source and can be found at GitHub


awesomee :smiley: yes that’s what I meant!! really appreciate the help :thumbsup: I’ll play around with that

Alright very helpful :raised_hands: i’ll give it a look thanks!

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