Scrollbar slider connected to images


I’m really new to web design, but I have this big idea for an art project and I was wondering could give me some directions how to exactly execute it.
Here is an example of what I want to do:

I would like to make a scrollbar slider that would change images as I would slide it. I’m pretty sure it’s something really complicated to do, I would be happier with something really basic as well, but the general idea has to be there.

I would be really grateful if you could just get some directions from you where to exactly look as I really can’t find any info how to do it, maybe I’m using wrong words to look for it :confused:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Like this?

Hi mariliis. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think you’d better explain in more detail what you want, unless Eric understood rightly. If you want to be able to do what is done in the page you linked to, that is a plugin that you can buy and use.

Bit confused as to what you are asking for at this point.

Hey, thanks for the answers.

Yeah, I can see that I wasn’t very precise. On the example page there is a slider for changing the distance of the photograph. I would like to have that kinda same thing, that you have the sliding scrollbar and you have just one place for a picture and it changes as I scroll it back and forth. I hope this was a little bit clearer. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much guys

I haven’t seen an example like that, but a lot of things like this are possible with jQuery. A quick search gave me this:

which doesn’t include what you want, but gives a sense of the sort of things you could search for.