More mail server questions

I am using some free webspace on a linux server for testing. It has sendmail installed and I am able to set up some mail headers and send out mails from my website. I presume that sendmail as its name suggests is only for sending and cannot be somehow configured to receive or can it?

How do I stop this mail from being flagged as junk or even stopped completely by spam filters. Any good tutorials?

I understand that my other option is to install a different 3rd party mail client on my server or use one on another remote server to deal with incoming and outgoing. Again does anyone have any good suggestions or tutorials?

Sorry if this sounds naiive but I have spoken to a few really good developers and they don’t seem to know much about this topic either :s

Hi Silv

I’m not an expert when it comes to receiving email with php as mentioned in my PM so I won’t comment on that bit if you don’t mind :wink:

With regards to spam filters etc there really is no way to guarantee that your mail makes it past a spam filter. Spammers are always trying different tricks to get their ‘important messages’ to us and yet few succeed these days. Granted there are one or two rogue warriors that manage it but the overall efficiency of most spam filters is quite high.

The only thing I can say is that you always use the correct domain in the from address - even if you’re using a subdomain for your hosting because that would be one of the first things checked by many filters. Also try to include headers because I’m with yahoo and every time I sent emails without headers to myself they automatically went to the spam folder.

Hey Thanks Tango,
I’m suprised by the lack of response to this question the last time (apart from your good self) which leads me to believe that we are not the only ones who know very little about configuring mail clients. I have researched the topic and the problem is that because I my server is free virtual space I can’t actually play around with the sendmail settings so I am now looking out for a good 3rd party email client but thought I’d fish around first for a good tutorial because the other resources( including other posts from here) are ambiguous at best.

I definitely can’t receive with sendmail ( ridiculous question probably) right?


You cannot recieve mail with PHP, you need to have a mailserver to do that, however you can access mail stored on a mailserver with php (effectively acting as a mail client). See the PHP IMAP functions

Thanks Mandes,
That is very helpful. :slight_smile: