How to send validation email without going into the spam (junk) folder?

Hi all;
Just I want to ask if their is way to direct the email to inbox folder because sometime our email system will send it to junk mail ?

There might be several points though I also have not found a solid way to specify the folder like inbox while sending the emails but if you correctly set:

  • The sender name
  • Sender email (valid and the email of the same domain from where you are sending the email)
  • Correct encoding

It sends the email to the email !

thank for information but how about adding header to php mailer because I read couple of blog and stack flow?

I don’t know what you mean by ‘adding header to php mailer’ but if you mean using PHPMailer class then you do not have to worry about adding headers. What do you want to add in the mail header. It allows you some methods to add information in the headers. See documentations and example codes:

Basically, there is no foolproof way of avoiding spam filters. (If there were, there’d be more spam in your inbox, now wouldnt there?). As Raju has pointed out, a correctly formatted email with a valid sender will help.

If you sign your e-mail with an SSL certificate from a trusted registrar I’m sure that the major e-mail providers (GMail, Yahoo, etc.) won’t mark it as spam.