More IE bugs

Hi, my site: has some issues in IE.

I was wondering if someone might point me in the right direction.

In IE8:
When the slider drops down at the top of the page and I scroll down to some video content, the video content sits on top of the menu bar, it should be bellow like the rest of the content.

The search box has some padding issues too?

In IE7:
My content is all shifted down?
The content in the sliding menu is not lining up correctly.

IE6: Well, not really worried about that with all of the above to battle.

  • I am also having a slight issue in safari with getting that search button to line up with the input box. - so not just IE.

Thanks for any help.

Start by fixing the validation errors on the page. I’m not sure how many there really are, but it’s a start.

Also, older browsers will have issued with the button element.

Ok, I’ll have a look at them, totally overlooked that as I noticed the IE errors. Thanks

That is not a bug. That is just how it happens with flash and other plugin type stuff. The same thing happens in Google Chrome and there is overlap in Firefox (3.6) too.



I have reduced the validation errors to the ones I dont have any control over. The code for the video is generated by vimeo and the rest of the warnings are part of the code generated by tumblr.

I will have a look at the button element.

It seems like, the padding around the search form is being ignored by IE8?

The site is still bumped around in IE7?

The video embedded from vimeo is still having issues when the slide menu is down and the page is scrolled? That might be down to the video code?

I tried fixing the width of the elements in the sidebar to see if that would fix the layout in IE7 but that didnt seem to work?