Money transfer application

hello guys.

I have a question and I would like to get your honest opinion and suggestions.

I am thinking of creating a money transfer application in Php.The program is going to be simple but also very large since the audience will be very large and needs to be online without any problems.

Basically what I need to do is giving every operator a username and password. Say for example there are Agents in USA, so in each city there will be an agent too and there will be sub agents like say NY is a subagent of L.A

Also the money transfer needs to be searched like,

Unpaid, Paid, Not Approved, etc.The kind of search will be with the first letter of the name of the money receiver.

When you create a new remittance transfer, that remittance transfer will be given a special 4 digit number.Also it will be nice if the code of the agent sending the payment will be used like say it is from NY, so it says like this NY0681.I need to be able to search with that number too so if it is correct and the payment is not paid it shows.

Now to make a payment, the agent will have to search first then once the name shows up as well as the sender, he will have to click on the name to select it and then click make payment. Then he will have to fill a small form to type the info of the receiver like what type of ID etc.

Now the problem is , I don’t know how to go about this as best as possible.

Like i said earlier the application will be used by a lot of people in the same time so it needs to be scalable and very stable.

What are you suggestions guys?

Looking forward to them.

Thanks in advance,


This is quite broad question. It can be shortened to “How to create a web application”.
Do you have any certain problem to solve?

I have a question too, Is it for the real money transfers or some fictional money, e.g. game currency?

hi there thanks for the quick answer. well it is going to be for real money. the major problem is doing the calculations like the total amount of remittances in the list etc. and when you pay one it is deducts etc.

Im sorry to come here and rain on your parade, but if your planning to do this and have to come here and ask questions, I strongly suggest that you drop your idea or hire someone that knows how to implement this.

My reasoning for this is due to its handling money, more specific other peoples money. If the system is not working 100% and is dead secure, then it could turn into a potential nightmare that will bankrupt the company and haunt your personal career in the future.

A few tips if you decide to go forward with this anyway:

-You need more than just a username and password for the agents, preferably a key generator as well.
-Security is alpha omega, both script wise and server wise, same is redundancy (stay online even if one datasenter goes offline).
-Make certain you chose a database that support transactions, and USE transactions every time updates are required in the system.
-Sort the problem with handling money (float point issue), both in the script and in the database, either in a column specifically created for this (DECIMAL in MySQL) or as text, in some cases even better store the amount in cent.
-Rethink the transaction key, what will you do when the New York branch has sent 9999 transactions? A possibility would be to keep increasing the number, or start from a higher number, example take a look how Wire transactions are handled (transaction number).

hi there TheRedDevil thanks for your answer.well am not annoyed at all.I appreciate your opinion and knowledge.It is not like I can’t do this, I can do it but the reason I posted was to get suggestions for the best ways to implement it.That was the only reason I posted.Otherwise as soon as I start this project, it will take a lot of time to get finished and a lot of testing so every suggestion and opinion is considered.

Thanks again for your suggestions,

Your suggestions are appreciating,good opinions for real money will be helpful.Thanks for the recommendation.