Monetizing a social network site

I have a social network site that gets decent traffic running adsense, last month was pretty slow but It did 3,107,114 page impressions and 4,866 clicks, properly monetized what kind of revenue should It be able to bring?.

About a minimum of $500 I guess.
But if you could improve CTR it could go way more, this is extremely low CTR at the moment.

Thanks James… Working on better ad placement is also at the top of my to do list atm.

Wow, that’s a heavy traffic and I’m wondering how much are you paying for your monthly hosting with such amount of bandwidth. Your CTR is pretty low though.

With that sort of traffic volume you’ll make more money selling display ads to third parties than you will with Adsense.

Hosting runs me about $700 - $900 a month for my dedicated servers. I use to pay $1100 per month last year.

Who do you recommend?

For a website with such huge traffic I would use a mix of Adsense and affiliate programs ads, maybe dating affiliate programs would be a good idea for a social network site… you should definitely try other possibilities and see yourself what will work best for you.

Search for a list of advertising programs. Depending on what your site offers, I would recommend trying a different blend of ads to see which integrates better and have a higher click potential

The 3rd party ads and affiliate ads are best suited to capitalize on that level of traffic (once your CTR improves). Especially if you can do a couple quick video ads to accompany the affiliate links and promote them via YouTube, etc.