Modify jQuery Script

I was hoping someone could help me modify this jQuery script.

It is OpenSource and I don’t have the jQuery/Javascript knowledge at this point to do it, yet. I would like the script to have an option whereas if the image is too big for the screen the user can either pan the image or it would as it is by default resize for the screen size.

Mind sharing with us which one you found? For future members who stumble upon this thread because they have the same question ya know :slight_smile:

I found one, everything else I like about it but no panning option.

Here are some more:

Haven’t checked if they support panning, but with such a list you’d think there’s at least one that can :slight_smile:

Here’s some other ones

Colorbox -
jQuery Lightbox -
Fancybox -

I understand, exactly what you’re saying but as I mentioned I don’t quite have the experience to do it myself, I understand some points but not well enough to go in and adjust things that could end up causing more harm.

What have you tried yourself? People on the forums are here to help, not to do your job for you.

If you don’t have any knowledge about javascipt/jQuery yourself, I suggest you take this question to the Looking to Hire section of the SitePoint Marketplace :slight_smile:

None of them galleries has a panning option, that is what I’m looking for. The option to pan and/or the image resizes based on screen size.

The Thickbox site states that it’s no longer being maintained and suggests some alternatives. At least one these, Shadowbox, resizes images to fit the viewport.