Enlarge image and fade desktop\\screen


I am working on getting my tumblr blog on my web site and there’s a feature in the template that I would like to use on my site but after going through lots of sites offering tools, I couldn’t find one the same.

this is my blog http://tezdread.tumblr.com when hovering over a photo, you see the zoom button, clicking it makes the picture bigger and fades the background out.

Anyone know where I can get a script to do this?
Has anyone used one of these? Do they automatically work on all images on the page without extra code on each image?


It’s called a lightbox. There are hundreds of variants: http://planetozh.com/projects/lightbox-clones/

They all rely on JavaScript. I like ColorBox (needs jQuery), but look at the sizes and Library requirements to find one that suits you. Some of them are probably crap (most of the Prototype+Scriptaculous ones - bloated) or outdated (like Thickbox).

cheers, I’ll take a look at what there is!