Mobile version of wordpress blog?

Ok I am frustrated. I have a Wordpress blog and I would like to use JQuery mobile for mobile devices. Where im stumped is I would like to create a subdomain like and have a new directory on the server called mobile. The mobile directory is where I would like all the jquery mobile files. So when a visitor comes to the site on a mobile device they’re redirected to and they view the mobile version.

The problem I am not sure if this would work and if WordPress on the main site would read this accordingly. Second I am not sure how to make this work.

Any help would be really helpfull!

Thanks for anyone who could help out with this! Its very appreciated.

Sorry if I misread you, but if you haven’t tried, theres severel plugins for Wordpress with the purpose of turning your blog mobile.

Heres one: for example. They did the trick for me.

Halfdantimm: how to use this plugin?

I’m running WordPress 1.2.2 and I just installed WP Mobile Edition. It’s working but when I hit my pagethe apostrophe’s show up as ’

You are using an extremely old version of WordPress. I recommend upgrading, which might be your issue.

WP 1.2.2? I believe that’s a version released 6 years+ ago!
You are using an ancestor of the current versions! Completely different and you need to upgrade asap!

OMG, You are still on WP 1.x
Upgrading your wordpress edition to latest version should be your first priority else you would be under great risk. Using old wordpress editions are more prone towards hacking attempts.

There are multiple plugins to do this.

Have if a mobile device is detected, because it is being used, then go to
but then, have the subdomain go com

Why? Have the mobile wordpress pulgin of your choice always activated.
that way it will be in use once the device is a mobile device that is viewing your blog.
And by using a mobile device, the user is also redirected to

Therefore, its a mobile version of your Blog with the m. Subdomain

at your main site you must set mobile detector script to point at your mobile version. and you can find this at wordpress plugin, sorry i can’t answer more :injured: but wp mobile pack is sample about it.