Wordpress mobile version redirected to unauthorised site!


I have a site using Wordpress and it is perfectly fine when loading on desktop but when people view it on mobile (andriod, google chrome), it redirects to other people’s website!

May I know how can i fix it? The site url is www.ericgoh.sg

I appreciate any help and advice.

Are you using some software to create the mobile view? If yes you need to see settings or also check the htaccess / script to see if that has some code to redirect once it confirms its a mobile site


No, I am just using wordpress only.

No my query was regarding the mobile site. Have you coded a mobile site theme or is the theme responsive or you are using some kind of plugin to make the site mobile compatible?

I have not coded the mobile site, the theme is also not responsive nor did I use any plugin for mobile compatible…

Well I definitely think that other than the theme you either have some .htaccess redirector or you have installed some redirect plugin which is causing this issue. Is it possible for you to either load the .htaccess and / or a screenshot of your plugin list ?