Wordpress Mobile Mystery

We are having an issue with viewing our WordPress site on a mobile phone. http://eatdrinkri.com/festival/

We are using the responsive theme, SuperSkeleton. The responsiveness of the site is working properly if I resize the browser or try different browsers views using Chrome developer tools. However, when we view it on an actual phone we are getting a strange landing page that says “nothing found” and none of our theme styling. I tried a bunch of suggestions form SuperSkeleton theme support, including updating WP, updating the theme, adding some php code. Nothing worked. Then I tried changing themes and still had the same issue, so I’m pretty sure it is not theme related. I also tried deactivating all of the plugins, which didn’t help either. There had been a redirect on the url, but we removed that, too. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

The site shows up fine for me on my iPhone.