Missing content


I have a website and in the center of the site there is a place to click on a gray “play” image so that you can listen to a recorded radio interview of the two individuals. The web page can be seen at the link below:


Ok the problem is, the website that this image/interview is linked to says that it is updating it’s website (http://www.odeo.com) so nothing appears on my page to click on. Is there another source similar to this that anyone knows of that I can use so that my content isn’t missing? It has been this way for some time. I don’t normally work with these players, so not sure what else to do or how to set it up differently…


Whenever you rely on 3rd party services there’s always a risk of something like this happening - that’s life!

The most reliable solution would be to host a copy of the media on your own servers, but you’d then need persmission etc from the copyright holder(s), and that’s more unlikely than likely.

In the short term probably all you can do is remove the content for the time being and reinstate it when Odeo is back online, and maybe contact the authors to see if they have alternative version you can link to.

I believe the content is owned by the gentleman who owns the website, so it would be just setting up the audio file to work on this site.