Migrating site, which host?

Hi all,
I have a site currently with exabytes.com. Site load is around 10 to 20 sec avg, which i feel is more than what i want, it should not be that much.
I had an account with omnis before, and canceled it. Currently thinking to look for new hosting company and migrate.

Yes, i searched and read reviews but i cant trust them all, as we all know most of them are paid reviews. I don’t believe on Unlimited word, so that does not matter much.

Some of the hosts which i can think of are:
Or any other…

Forgot to mention, i need shared hosting(for now), 300 to 500 hits per day and site user base is around the world, GA % are:
EU : 40%
USA : 32%
Asia : 22%
Rest: 6%

So what you think and suggest here…
More info can be provided if asked for.


Your site may be loading slowly because it’s not optimized, meaning it would be slow on any server. Some CMSes have methods for speeding up page load, and there’s a lot else you can do to make sure the site is running efficiently. like optimizing images (and not having too many) and making sure the page isn’t calling on too many scripts etc. etc.

Hi ralph,
Thanks for the suggestion. I should mention that in my early post, i’m using wordpress with very minimal theme(almost no images) and try to not even include images in posts. 2 js scripts r included, jquery and a form validation script plus Google adsense. I have removed some scripts too like ads scripts, some analytics scripts from other sites.

Sites loads fine here for me, where i hosted it(same country). but according to GA, that is the avg load time, which make me a bit worried.
This host is good, reliable and uptime is also good. But i was always thinking about how my site can accessed in other countries load wise.

Also i came across this, that the hosting company is hosting around 950 sites on the same server…which are way more than what they said(maximum 300 they said they r hosting on a shared server). That’s over loading and killing the server. Or i need to talk to them providing that proof.

Yes, sounds like it’s the server, then. A lot of sites crammed onto a shared host is not nice, but pretty common. Have you considered upgrading to something like a VPS? It’s more expensive, but you don’t have to share with so many other sites.

That sounds an interesting move. Any recommendation for good VPS hosts for budget below $25.

Unless you are really confident with server management / installation etc., look at a “managed” VPS. KnownHost is good, and they start at $25 US. But there are lots of others. Check out what’s available in your area if you not in the US.

Thanks ralph, yes i can manage a system by myself, i as i’m sold to Linux. Did managed some dedicated servers before. :slight_smile:

Currently researching and looking for more options which i can utilize the better way. Came across media temple gs grid-service, looks promising but wana know about media temple from the users who hosted with tm.

The problem arise, when you not sure where to host and which service to use. More research, more confusion.

You can find good VPS plans that are in the range of a twenty spot for a month. Your cPanel may be extra and you will want to inquire about that before you make the move. Many of the big box providers can be oversold so you may want to consider a more mid level provider who is more focused on the customer’s experience and satisfaction rather than the number of accounts it can acquire. Since you are an experienced user you may benefit from reading a few reviews and seeing who does a good job for the services you need in your price range.

25 USD is a tall budget for a VPS with a good control panel and support. :slight_smile: You will find many, your sites run on a cpanel server ? And which location your prefer the server to be ? Intovps.com is good solution in Europe, many good reviews and their servers are also good as per the reviews and their VPS pricing is too good. We have one VPS with Cyberls.com for similar budget of yours, but it is better you choose provider near to your time zone. :slight_smile:

Hostgator VPS.

For VPS hosting you can find better providers than Hostgator i believe :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the valuable inputs.
I’m now settled with crocweb from Canada. The few days experience is good so far. :slight_smile:

I think a small VPS will do you wonders in terms of performance. From the looks of it, your North American market share is growing fast so perhaps you should look into servers within North America.


I have a requirement to host MS SQL 2008 server.
What is the best service provider to choose?

Sorry i do not have any experience with windows hosting. Never used it.

my suggestion is bluehost or hostmonster, and I guess hostmonster is also blue host with different name (I have both) and also I have used godaddy,greengeeks,
inmotion and fatcow too, but found blue host as the best one godaddy has problems like if you send emails in your site they will be queued and your user will recieve those emails may be in hours (trust me when you are a developer and got to test some functionality… :slight_smile: but godaddy is also good… moreover bluehost has easy to use control panel etc…

FYI : I do not represent Blue Host :slight_smile:


How many databases that you would be hosting? Also, do you require the administrator access?