Mighty Deals Lifetime Access To SitePoint

I just received an offer from MIghty Deals (mightydeals.com) for a lifetime membership in SitePoint Premium for only $44.

  1. is this a legitimate offer?
  2. I am already a premium member, with annual billing. If I purchase this deal, will it extend my existing membership or add a duplicate membership? If I end up with two memberships, how should I cancel the annual one?

I doubt it but @ophelie can find out for you.

I am not aware of any collaboration between SP and Mighty Deals but I’m forum staff, not Sitepoint staff (that means that I am a volunteer only)

As for the second, I would assume that if you use the same user name, it will be extended but who knows?

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I scrolled down on the offer page, and found this at the bottom:

You’ll receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the Sitepoint website for lifetime access.

HOWEVER, I went to my membership page to see if a coupon could be entered for the upgrade to Lifetime, and accidentally upgraded to Lifetime for the regular $450. I need to fix this ASAP. I’ve entered a support request, hopefully this will get resolved.

Hey @pvollmar — yes, the Mighty Deals offer is legitimate. It looks like our support team is getting back to you now, so the $450 will be refunded.


Mistery solved then :slight_smile:

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OK, I appreciate that. As a suggestion, you might want to add a confirmation step to your cart, because once I said I wanted to upgrade, it immediately charged my card. I also did not see a way to enter any kind of coupon for the upgrade – I expect the offer was designed for new memberships, not renewals or extensions. My big question, then, is, should I purchase the offer from Mighty Deals, or am I ineligible because of my current premium membership?

Existing members can take advantage of this offer, too!

When you purchase this offer from Mighty Deals, they will give you a voucher link which can be used to apply it to your existing account.

Once you have your voucher link, just login to your existing account first, before you click the link.


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