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Windows 10 is misbehaving! Look at any of my pages, e.g. and press any of the “Look inside” buttons in the midddle column. At the bottom of each of the “popups” (which are not popups,) there is a link to an affiliate programme. In all browsers throughj the target=_blank the new page opens at full width; but now in Windows 10 it stays the same width as the popup!

How can I solve this, please?


Not Windows 10 itself, but the new browser Microsoft Edge!


A month has gone past and I have had no takers on this thread.

I guess Edge is quite new and few have it installed.

If you have time…



Please note that a couple of popups have been substituted for full pages,so it is better to look at

I do not have IE Edge; therefore, cannot test IE Edge. Nevertheless…

Woud you consider adding this meta tag as perhaps the second meta tag on your HTML pages (all of them)?

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

Don’t know if this will affect IE Edge or not, but it should be on all of your pages to assure that whatever version of IE is being used will render using its latest mode and not fall back to some “compatibility” mode.

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Thanks ronpat

Didn’t solve the problem

I pasted it in the AC Hotel Barcelona Forum half way doen the the Barcelona page

I must find a way for Edge to obey the target=“_blank”


Edge does strange things. These popups should open in the middle of the page, but with Edge they are sent to the left.

The biggest problem though is the way it opens the new pages with the same size as the popup.

I know that nobody likes popups and target:blanks but I have good reasons for using them on these pages, and want to retain them for some time.

Have you tried joining a Microsoft forum and asking the creators if Microsoft Edge supports the target=“_blank” attribute and values? You could always share what you learn with us.

Deserting you, and being unfaithful!!!..

If you insist… i think it’s a good idea. I’ll keep you posted.

I found the source of the problem.


Leave the first hotel and enter any of the next top ones (except Mercure Alberta). if you press the ad at the bottom the link opens in a reduced page width, the size of the popup.

However, if you go to the bottom hotel (Parallel) and do the same the link opens in a FULL page!

Now, the difference is that most of the links come from a redirects page. See below

<a id="anchor" href="/request/index.php?id=NovotelBarcelona" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The Parallel hotel, on the other hand, is linked directly and not via a redirects page.

The obvious solution is to give up on the redirects page, BUT I want to keep it. So, what’s the workaround, please?

Can I do anything about the redirects page?

Hi ronpat

Just to let you know that I complained to MS and I have just seen MS downloading 80 files…!!! from Charlotte, USA

So, they must be looking into it, and screwing up my GA ststs in the process!

If MS identifies a bug in Edge or otherwise recommends a fix, I’ll bet the price of temporarily screwy stats is worth it

Good luck!

I never had anyone looking at 82 (by now…) of my pages!

Time for some bubbly!

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