Microsoft Edge problems


I thought I had a little problem. Just found out that I have a big one!

My main pages have popups that are sections of full pages.

I have just redesigned the pages and find that the new pages, that open properly in all modern browsers, are a big mess in Edge. The old pages open without those problems.

So, my question is “what has caused the difference”?

I’ve looked, and looked and cannot understand what is causing this.

Take an old page, press any of the “Look inside” bottons in the central column

The result is OK.

Now, look what is happening here

Look at the bottom 3 hotels (as I’ve disabled the other popups to minimize the problems). Of those 3, one has the old format

Please, could you see what is causing this?

Thank you


The old style looking has this css link:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="/Pinto/hotelSet.css">

The others has this:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/Pinto/htl.css">



Yes, the new page has a different css, but what is the difference between the 2 that’s causing this in the popups in Edge only?

Although, in fact, both pages work fine, including popups, in all other browsers

What is the main difference that is casing this problem in Edge only?

Hi again

I think the clear way of explaining the problem is this.

The popups in MS Edge, when you press the “Look inside” buttons, work (nearly) fine in

However, in this one, which has a different css, it is all over the place…

Something in the new css is upsetting Edge. Both stylesheets work fine in all other browsers including IE8 - IE11

I disabled the popups in this page, except for the bottom 3 for testing purposes. One of these still has the old format, just like the Sydney page, yet, it, also, misbehaves. Maybe this is the best place to start. Why does the same page display differently?

Can it be as simple as browser cached files?

However, in this one, which has a different css, it is all over the place…

I think I wasn’t clear about the Look-inside-pages different style links.

In the Punta page, the Vic Hotel Cayena Beach “Look inside-popup” page links to this different style:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="/Pinto/hotelSet.css">

The other hotels’ “Look inside-popup” pages in the Punta page, all links to this style:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/Pinto/htl.css">

This is when I’m using e.g. Chromium. What you describe with MS Edge I can’t see, then I’m not on a MS machine. :smiley:

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