Microsoft CMS equivalent to open source (e.g. Joomla, Drupal, WP)?

I am completely out of touch with Microsoft-based products and CMS solutions and am wondering if there is an MS CMS that is equivalent to Joomla or Drupal - in terms of most often selected package. (not necessarily in terms of feature comparison).

I don’t know if that’s even a fair question.

We’ve got a small site to consider (~20 pages) and I’ve been asked to look into Miscroft solutions in addition to open-source.

There are several here
I know dotnetnuke has been around for a long time but I can’t vouch for it.

I did a little looking around last year and thought Umbraco was a good looking platform to try out. The project I intended to use it with ended shifting over to Php/MySQL so we never used it but I think it has a lot of potential. I also tried .NETNuke but even their hosted demo exploded which is why I abandoned them years ago.

MS has a web platform installer that you can use to install about 20 - 25 different Open Source CMS and blog packages on IIS (including Drupal, Joomla and even WP I think). I don’t have link on me but you can search it easily enough.

Umbraco is solid - I used it for a while before we started having problems with our host and we went to a different solution which is based on drupal.

The worst part is getting the document types set up. Once you’ve done that (and there are a number of videros to get you going), it’s pretty easy and straight forward to use.


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Here’s the MS Web Platform Installer LINK

It will set up and configure a vanilla copy of Umbraco as well as any others you might like to try out.

Many thanks for the replies. Frankly, I don’t want to use .NET and would like to have justifiable reasons other than saying I’m a php guy. The only .NET CMS option for my small project that is viable is SiteFinity based on the price and came as a recommendation from Sitecore.

Are there hidden costs when developing or supporting. NET solutions or fewer 3rd party resources to rely on for help vs the big PHP based CMS’s?

I don’t think we’ve discussed this in this thread but, you can install Drupal on MS IIS and it works quite well. I’ve run several Drupal sites in Microsoft servers without any issues. All you need it PHP and MySQL.