Meta description and keyword

In blogger is needed every post meta description and keyword or only in main template? if it is necessary to submit in post then how can do it?pl reply if iny body know abou this issue.Thanks

It’s your choice.You can add a general site-wide description to the template, in which case it will apply by default to every post - and willl potentially appear in search results for every post. So, if your blog is about cooking, and one of your posts is a recipe for apple strudel, and if a visitor searches for apple strudel recipes, the description will appear as somehthing like “My favourite recipes, handed down to me by grandmother” - or whatever other description you chose. The point is that It won’t be related to specifically to apple strudel.

If that’s not what you want, you can add a separate description to each page. You do that from the Post Settings panel, to the right of the main edit box for the post.

The above applies to the Description meta tag. You also asked about the Keywords meta tag. You can add that to the template if you wish, but as far as I know there is no way of adding it to individual posts. However, the Keywords tag doesn’t serve any useful purpose, so that’s not really a problem.


Thanks for your meaningful suggestion.

Yes! Good Reply Mike… the comment is very clear…
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Like Mike mentioned, unique descriptions etc is the key to success. Imagine you got a website with 2000+ pages and you got all unique descriptions and titles and unique content… then your traffic will get a great boost :slight_smile:

What is the best practice for using keywords:

1.Same keyword use in every post?
2.Different Keyword use in every post?
3.Only use in main template?

Keywords are practically worthless, so I really wouldn’t waste your time on them.

If you do use them then use keywords appropriate to the specific page rather than general ones across the whole site. You’ll probably find that you don’t have a unique set on every page, and some overlap is inevitable, but at least you know that they’re working as hard as they can.