Mega menu for Wordpress and HTML site?

Hi Guys

I’m looking for an identical CSS mega menu that will work on a Wordpress and HTML combined site.

I’ve found plenty of Mega menus for WP and html but not one that seems compatible on both. I did find one years ago on codecanyon but can’t seem to find it today.

Can any one give me some suggestions to get my brain kickstarted on this? I’m really looking for something that’s very stable and not going to see me faced with lines of code every time I need to update or add a link to it! I know the latter is a bit much to expect but I can try asking :smile:


Hi Titan,

Don’t know it this will help but I have a megamenu on my site here:
and I think I got it from Codecanyon:

I can’t see it in my plugins list and can’t remember how I installed it but it works a treat on my site and has been very useful. Hope this helps!

Thanks. Unfortunately uber menu only supports Wordpress and not html.

I’m going to have to code the menu myself

Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean “supports WordPress and not html”. WordPress outputs to HTML…

Have you looked into SuperFish? If you need images etc you can add special classes field in the WordPress menu screen. If not, this Codrops tutorial might help

I meant it doesn’t support a site coded in plain html. Or, a non-wordpress site.

Thanks for the links Codrops is helpful. I’m using the code from CSS MenuMaker which is working well aside from some styling issues. I’m trying to avoid JS if at all possible.

A shame no one has created a cross platform mega style menu yet. Something built in wordpress that can spit out all the code for a plain html site or joomla etc.