How to convert html & CSS theme to wordpress theme?

Hi guys , I’m making a site with html and css and jquery , I want convert that template to wordpress template , but I have some questions :

  1. my template is static , if I convert that to wordpress them , how can I make that dynamic ?( I know , I should do that with wordpress php functions , but how ? )

  2. You can see in my site demo ( I write my site link in codepen below ) , I want make a new posts section in my site , and do dynamic that , I want my site have 10 post per page , what should i do ? I must make a 10 post with html and css ? or one is enough ?

  3. My posts should be fill ? i mean , i write a mega menu with html and css and jquery , I have new posts item in mega menu ( i call that پست های جدید ) , so that is a mom mega menu item , mean if you click that , a mega menu open . however , that mega menu item is new posts i write , if you see my codes , I write 5 img and p tags for that and I get a style to all of them , my work is true ? or i can do that just with a one img and p tags , then convert to wordpress and say to wordpress to make 5 of that . and my question about that , I must write p tags and fill that ? mean I must write something like this ?

<img src="" class="img-mega-menu">
<p class="p-mega-menu">the new post</p>

or I can write that like this ?

<img src="#" class="img-mega-menu">
<p class="p-mega-menu"></p>
  • . oh , and i have posts in my body ( i will write that ) in post you can see title , description , the writer name , comments numbers , i should make a design for that , and I should make a design for then I click to post to see complete posts , how can I do this ? and how can I markup that for wordpress?

this is my site still :

Wordpress is not my area of expertise, but I believe the process you would use to do this by creating a “Wordpress Theme” from your html and css.
I will move the topic to the Wordpress and CMS forum where you may get better answers.

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The WordPress Codex gives some guidelines on developing themes.


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