Media Query for @media (max-width: 480px)

Hi all,

I am trying my hands to a responsive design page using bootstrap and js, for this I have uploaded my page for testing here is the link,

the problem is with my media query on (max-width:480px) when i am stretching my page upto 480px my button is not opening my dropdown-menu, I m little bit confused in this and not finding out any solution since last 2 days, please help me out and suggest me, is this page will work out on IE6 or older version of IE.

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I’m not familiar with bootstrap so you will need to explain what you have done to make all this happen so that I don’t have to learn bootstrap from scratch before offering help. I don’t see any logical code in the page that will create what you want unless it’s all in the scripts.

It seems that bootstrap has complicated (as far as debugging goes) what is essentially quite a simple layout. If you can define where and what routines you have used to make this all happen then we may be able to help a little easier.

Off Topic:

Isn’t it strange that the only question gone unanswered here is the one where the op is using bootstrap which is supposed to simplify development but instead seems to make it almost impossible to debug.