Bootstrap V3 and media query 1080x1920

Need to know how to set specific media query inside CSS. 1920x1080 will be the same width of input but when moving into 1080x1920 I have to control width.

Is it possible to control only 1080x1920?

Sure. You can add a media query

@media only screen and (max-width: 1020px) {...}

Bootstrap has a built in breakpoint at 992px, so you can use the appropriate size marks (-sm, etc) as well

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Thank you for the message. I will test.

I have tested your example. It will collapse also other lower resolution. Is it possible to detect just media query 1080x1920? I mean limitation to this media query not all like max 1020 px element?

Who has a monitor that is 1920px tall? Your question needs a bit more elaboration as it doesn’t really add up :slight_smile:

A max-width:1080px media query applies to widths of 1080px or less whereas min-width:1080px media queries refer to 1080px and larger. It is very unlikely that you would want a media query just for 1080px but not 1079px or 1081px?

Your inputs should be adjusting to screen width automatically if done properly so do you have an example of the problem you are trying to overcome?

Without context we will just be guessing what you want. You can control media queries by width and height but responsive design isn’t usually that specific and it may be that there are better ways to do this.


I will test again to see an issue and will be sent this week.