Max width while supporting 800x600?

Hiya, my site is using a wrapper layout and I am wondering if there is a max standard width px value I can use to work well with people viewing using 800x600 and above.

width: XXXpx

I don’t believe so, I think you’ll just get that ugly horizontal scroll bar and your users will keep scrolling forever.

Edit: I set a container on a website to 10,000px and it just made a really long horizontal scroll area so I don’t believe their is a limit, but why go that far in the first place! I think anything over 1,000px in width will make your pages scroll horizontally.

  1. I wouldn’t use WIDTH for that, since a fixed width is usually little more than bad/lazy web design.

  2. when calculating my min/max-widths, I take 48px off the target… it gives more than enough room for any windows chrome and scrollbars.

So for example, targeting 800 wide your best bet is 752px. For 1152 (as wide as it’s usually safe to let a two column layout go) that’s 1104…

Which is why in my code you’ll usually see:


With a fixed width and expression to support legacy versions of IE that know not the min/max-width.

the site I’m working on right now is real fun - using a mix of media queries with a small .js for browsers that don’t support them to make a “small screen” (320 to 800) single column version of the site, a 800…1280 two column version, and a 1440+ three to possibly four column version.

Ok awesome. Thanks very much for the advice, appreciate it!