Best width to display webpage?

Hi I was wondering, what’s the best width to create webpage?

800px?? or should it be 1200px;

I don’t really use liquid layouts?

960px is often used. Whether it is the ‘best’ width depends, I guess.

Thx for you help

Thread Closed please refer to the sticky thread that Stevie D mentioned above. is the definitive Sitepoint resource on screen sizes (handy hint - if you think you’re asking a common question, look at the orange ‘sticky’ threads and/or do a quick search at the top of the forum so you don’t end up repeating a discussion we’ve had umpteen times before…)

The best width for your website is “whatever fits in my browser window”. And I’m not telling you how big it is. If you’re not going to do a liquid/fluid/elastic layout that resizes to fit my browser window, you’d better make sure that your fixed width will fit on most people’s windows - and that means allowing for an 800×600 screen, so maximum content width of about 770px by the time you’ve allowed for scrollbars etc.