Marketing seems tough

I have been recruited in a gaming company where I have to work as an online marketing executive. Beside doing SEO how could I promote my game? By the way, they are going to launch a game on iPhone platform. Please professionals of this site help me. I would appreciate if you suggest me details about this. thank you in advance.:slight_smile:

You’ve been recruited to a company to be an online marketing executive but don’t know anything beyond SEO to market? Sounds like you need to be honest with the company first, reset your expectations second and start learning more about the field third so that one day you can work at this type & level of a role.

Marketing isn’t rocket science but calling yourself an executive in it does require more than reading a list of tactics.

Apart from SEO you can promote it through social networking site like face-book, twitter, linked-in etc. This will make the game to reach huge audience.

I don’t want to lose my job. If you can give me some suggestions it would be a great help for me. Thanks.

Please tell me more elaborately. How Linked in or twitter can help? I have idea about facebook marketing. thanks.

Your job is to know marketing which you appear not too. A forum is not going to solve that for you; there is no 60 second answer or a couple posts that will wrap things all up. I’d suggest honesty as it’s better to run into a problem than hope it doesn’t get noticed but if you’re going to pretend you better start reading, following, doing to learn as much as you can before someone starts asking questions.

When you have specific topics you want to dive into that people, come back here and post so people bring their insights and experience.

You can reach your customers and prospects to interact with them, learn from them, and share your story with them: advocacy, support, growth.

Say that to your bosses and you’ll probably be fired.

As Ted S has correctly pointed out, you’ve been hired as an Online Marketing Executive. SEO means jack **** to Marketing departments, so if I were you I’d get myself down to a book shop or library and start studying hard in order to understand what my job entails.

[FONT=verdana]You’ve got to understand that marketing has got nothing to do with SEO, or Facebook, or Twitter.

Marketing is to do with understanding your product, knowing what part of the market it will appeal to, and being able to communicate the benefits of the product to that market. Until you get that right, all the Facebook pages and SEO techniques in the world are not going to help.

I have to agree with the advice given by Ultimate and Ted S. You’ve been hired as a marketing executive, but you admit that you don’t know how to go about marketing. I’d suggest you start by having an honest discussion with your employers about your abilities, and how you can best use them to meet the company’s goals.



First create group in linkedin and ask members to join in it. Promote the games by posting and start discusssing about in group. While in twitter, increase your followers and start sharing the information about it.

Linkedin is hardly a suitable channel for either consumers or gaming.

No, Online Marketing is not tough, but it takes a long time for getting better results. This is a great source to boost up your online business. I hope you are satisfied with my reply.

These all are highly recommended social media which helps to promote our business,Linked In is basically dealing only niche wise users and orgnization to promote our business.Twitter and facebook are basically for attracting clients either its niche wise or not.