Video Game Marketing Strategy

Hi Guys,
I have a video Game I uploaded on Play Store. But I really don’t know how to do ASO of my Game… I need Maximum downloads of my game. kindly suggest me how I can increase my downloads.

Hi. As one of variant, you can buy an advertisement from AdWords or facebook.

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There is no magic trick here.
How do you expect people to assist you in marketing, when they don’t know about your game?
Marketing is a very individual solution. While there are a few dos and don’ts like SEO, it won’t fix your game or marketing.

Adwords is just one method, if your game doesn’t keep its players excited, you won’t have people spread it.

You can’t just upload some app to an app store and hope that people will buy/download it.
Answer these questions and you or other people will be able to help you.

  • What is the game about?
  • Does it have its own website?
  • Is it building a community? (e.g. cloud features such as upload/share content)
  • Is the play store the only platform? (can you share it somewhere else? Is it mobile only?)
  • Where does your audience with the game genre hang out? What forums, newsplatforms and social media do they read?
  • What kind of audience do you attract?
  • Are you sure you built a product your audience needs, wants and buys?

There are a lot of exceptional games doing a great work with marketing.
Bigger games like Factorio or Space Engineers have built a great community, because they opened up part of their game for extension (plugins, add-ons, community building blocks)

And even if you have a simple game, there are many platforms where you can share it, even if it only exists on android:

If it is a webgame, you can post it to, kongregate, newgrounds or many other platforms.


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