How to have a draggable map with marker placements?

I have a client who has created the artwork for a map. He wants to display it on a website so that the user can zoom and drag the map.
Also, he wants the ability to update locations on the map by dragging markers on it.
Is this possible? Of all the jquery plugins Ive looked at they all seem to be based on actual mapping data.

It sounds like quite an undertaking were you to do it all yourself. You would probably need to create slices of the map and create different versions for each zoom level.

The zooming and dragging could be achieved using Zoomify, but I don’t think it would handle the markers.

Yes - quite an undertaking! :frowning:

I basically need the functions of a map (ability to add markers and zoom in/out) but with a custom vector image.

Hmm. Im wondering about using Google Maps for the functionality, but have my custom map overlay on top. Or perhaps theres a better solution?

When you say “custom map overlay” what does that look like or contain?

It will look something like this.


The map will only be of a village or town, so I dont want the map to be able t obe zoomed out further than that.

I wonder whether you could apply some sort of style over the Google Maps satellite view using some custom CSS to give that kind of effect?

It needs to be exactly as per the artwork that is supplied to me. :neutral_face:

That sounds a little trickier. :thinking:

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