Make text bolder


In photoshop or fireworks, the bold text isn’t bold enough. how can I make font-weight “super bold” ?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Depending on the type-face (it doesn’t work for all), you may be able to adjust the anti-aliasing to “strong” or maybe you can stroke the text with a one pixel border of the same colour of the type-face.


If I have to make it even bolder, I clone the text layer and adjust the opacity level to achieve the result I need. Also both text layers can have different anti-aliasing method applied (sharp/strong etc).

Faux Bold. In the bottom left of your text palette (just above the language selection box) you should see a “T”. Hover over it and it should say Faux bold. Click on it.

Remember: Faux bold is Photoshop faking the weight, well as if you select “Bold” from the font menu you are actually changing the weight of the font. So if you are sending your document to print, faux bold is not actually a font property so rasterise your text.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Ore yeah. Forgot about that :tup:


So, I already know the whole <b>text<b> thing, but whenever i put it in, the whole section turns bold, il only put the title in as the text inside the <b>'s and the whole thing will be bold.

It seems we are talking about two different things here.

You’re talking about HTML? If so then:

  1. You shouldn’t use <b> as it is presentational use <strong> instead!
  2. Here’s an example
This a <strong>Bold Text</strong>

So don’t forget the forward slash!

@runrunforest along with the suggestion above using the right font is important too! (i.e. Arial Black is naturally bolder that Arial!)

Another quick fix is to duplicate the text layer a few times. This has the impression of making the font bolder

With some fonts you can just widen the text. All the above posts work good also.

I usually apply 1 pixel stroke on the font. It’s very easy plus if 1 pixel isn’t enough, you can apply 2 or 3 pixels stroke.