Make text thicker with photoshop cs3

I want to know how i can make my text for a logo thicker without losing it’s “sharpness” or “definition”. I tried using the “bold” effect and “stroke”.

The bold gave it more thickness without losing any definition, but it wasn’t enough thickness. The stroke gave it enough thickness, but took away from the definition and made the text look rounded.

The text i am using is “candara”.

Thank you in advance,


You can manipulate the font in Photoshop by creating a work path; right mouse click => Create Work Path.

kohoutek has a good point, you can also click the bolded T on your text panel which will make it bolder as well

also play around in the text editing pallet with sharpness (sharp, crisp, non, smooth…) with bold and strokes applied to the font. I find using “none” makes some fonts much easier to read online.