Make an hidden page in Wordpress

I want to have a page in Wordpress with an URL such as …

Note the obscure character in URL that makes it not easy to guess the location.

I don’t want search engines nor users to find this particular page. So only someone that I directly give the URL to should know about this page. While the rest of the site can be public.

I already have SEF url turned on, so that I already can make this page. But
how do I make sure that Wordpress does not put links to this page? Such as in the archives, sitemap, calendar, etc. And not ping servers about this page.

Or is it not possible? Because Wordpress simply exposes its content pages all over too many places.

You can make it private/password protect it. :slight_smile: That’s for but I can’t seem to find any pages about this on So some of that info might not apply, but the private/password stuff does. :frowning: