Hide file and folder names in URL

I have a website
And I want to hide all folder and file names for the whole site
www.mysite.com only appears on all webpages
I have seen a website like this

So there are multiple web pages, but only ever one URL?


It can easily be done with URL query strings, though they are often altered to look like folders.
Which can be displayed as:-
…where /about is not a physical directory.
Likewise ?page=about is not a physical page file, it only instructs what content to put on the page. Though it may be stored in a file, or database, but either way, you may store that above the public root.

Maybe we should be asking…



As far as I can see, that site is using sub-domains and what look like (but are not necessarily) folders, such as:-




A URL is an address, to instruct the browser where to look for a particular page, so you must have different URLs for different pages.
But the URL does not have to be the path to, and file name of the content.
So you can shorten the URL and hide the full path and file name, but it still has to be different in some way for each page.


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