Magento - Generate a "Purchased Items" PDF after transaction process?


I’m just starting to dabble with what Magento can do.

A client has asked if he can be sent a PDF showing what items the customer purchased with its description under each item.

For example,

Model Boat
A unique model boat hand-crafted in deepest, darkest Wherever…

The idea is that he can print this off and include it in the package when it is sent.

Has anyone ever done something similar?

Many thanks for any thoughts.

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

I’m new with it, but wanting to try and learn with a small project for our business.

I found this little extension which may come in handy:

Thanks for this Avactis.

Do you know much about Magento and how I would use FPDF to achieve this?

Thanks again

You can try this solution:

FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP.

Unfortunately I cannot help with it further, I think it is better to ask this question on magento forum.

FPDF is PHP class that can generate PDF files, so it could be integrated into any PHP software.