Autogeneration of PDFs via PHP based site


I have a site which is written up in PHP and has a page with various products for sale, pulled from a mySQL database.

What we need to be able to do is have a way of autogenerating a PDF version of the “product detail” page, so that certain items (product description, the main photos, technical details etc.) on the page are bundled into a PDF which is generated for the user and which they can then save, print etc. just as they would with any PDF.

It should be dynamic, in that if changes are made to the product, when the user next clicks the “Download as PDF” link for that product, the changes are incorporated.

I know it’s possible to just manually make PDFs based on the product pages and put them up on the site, but this means a lot of extra maintenance (remaking PDFs whenever products change etc.)

Any idea if and how this can be achieved?

Another alternative is

Hi, take a look at