Looking for VPS for PHP development


Since HostGator lost its lustry and is no longer as excellent as before and their support became weak, I am looking for another company to but a very good VPS, fast, powerfull with good support to install different PHP versions in parallel with WHM/cPanel. Can someone suggest a well known and well recognized company?

HostGator’s support became very annoying and it takes 15 20 days to get answer from them, their saying about hosting 4% hosts of the net, is indeed more than a joke.

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My only recommendations for VPS are unmanaged ones, so I’m not sure how much help it really is.

  • Digital Ocean - long running, popular VPS host. Roughly $5 for 512mb RAM server.
  • Vultr - newer, but well reputed VPS host. Roughly $5 for 768mb RAM server.
  • RamNode - long running VPS host. Roughly $5 for 512mb RAM server. Strength in options - VPS type, smaller sizes, more tiers of larger sizes, etc.

These won’t have cPanel and the like, and will be unmanaged ,unless you install those things yourself, so I understand that it might not be useful - just throwing my opinions out there in case you decide to go that way.

For what it’s worth, I would personally not go with GoDaddy’s managed VPS services, as those are the only managed one I recall using, and they were annoying to work with.

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Even HostGator doesn’t have WHM by default, this is an optional addon by $10/mo. But as I said HostGator became a garbage now. Do the host you mentioned above offer WHM as an extra addon by a monthly charge?

Hello! Try SSD-VPS from prohoster.info/vps/ssd-vps. The minimum fare of $ 1.

Welcome to the forums, @Alex_Messer.

Does your suggested host meet the requirements listed in the first post? I was unable to access the English-language version of the site to see. (I did notice it has a rather poor WoT rating.)

I don’t think they do, @nimasdj

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