Looking for a WP plugin

Can you suggest a plugin that does something like this?
Does not need to be fancy, this is for personal use only. I want to be able to input text/checkbox status and have it saved. Next time I load this page I’d like to be able to continue input where I left off.


Where is this box supposed to be?

On the write/edit post/page screen, there already exists what you want. It’s the “Custom Fields” box. You can enter as many custom fields to any post/page as you want. They will be saved with the post and you can add more in the future. You can show the values of these custom fields in your templates if they’re to be made part of the public view of a post/page.

This is not really for a blog actually. I was just wondering if I can implement WP as a simple CMS solution (rather than a blogging platform) on a blank page that’s only for my use. It would be sort of like a notepad thing – I put text in the field, check the mark if needed and just save in that form for later.

Are you wanting to have like a timeline/milestone tracker, or a to do list?

it’s more like a to do list…

Probably has more bells and whistles than you need, but these are dead simple to create, use and integrate into any page or post in WordPress:

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