I need plugin which do following task in wordpress

I need plugin for my site which do following task in wordpress ,i’ve tried shiftee

The form should be designed in such a way as to capture the following information:

  1. End Client {free form of 100 characters max to be filled in}

1(b) Agency Company {free form of 100 characters words max to be filled in}

  1. Mileage claim for the week ended (use calendar drop down)

  2. The attached table shows the type of information I want collected. This may be a replication of the table attached or an embedded form to capture the information and then present it in an e-mail to me.

3(a). The date field could be date drop-down or free form
3(b). Miles done is numeric
3(c) Total should add up miles done that week.

  1. Additional information: (free form box - 5000 characters max - to allow any additional information)

  2. I certify that the information provided above is correct {put a tick box for client to click on}


  1. Heading: <Use this form to record your hours/days of work.>

  2. Type of work rate {in drop down menu} hours/days

  3. Work done for week ending {calendar screen}

  4. No of {hours/days - depending on what is chosen in 2 above}

  5. End Client { free form}

  6. Additional information: (new heading to replace description)

  7. I certify that the information provided above is correct {put a tick box for client to click on}

I doubt if you could find a plugin that does exactly what you listed above (but I could be wrong). But - you could hire a WordPress web developer to build one for you (please don’t use these forums to find one), or you could learn how to build WordPress plugins using PHP and build one yourself, or you could probably use WordPress’s custom fields to make a template for this (again with some serious learning and the WordPress Codex at your side), or you could build this form in straight PHP/mySQL with its own database table and link to it from your WordPress site.


you can hire some wordpress experts to do this plugin for you, when you ask for a plugin that contains specific features so it’s the recommendation to hire a developer !

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