Looking for a new Drop Down menu


So as the title says, I am looking for a new drop down menu for my website. My current Sprite Drop Down actually looks perfectly fine and in all browsers, but I’ve been told by you people on this site that I should throw it in the trash because the code isn’t technically correct in some parts and is more complicated than it should be.

I’ve been looking everywhere (YouTube, Google) to find a good technique to make a new one, but I keep coming up with ones that I don’t want to use because it’s either ugly, some kind of “menu builder” that does all the coding for you (oh how convenient, not), or ask DreamWeaver to do everything. I do use DreamWeaver and I could easily make a Spry Drop Down, but I need to learn to do it from the ground up.


It partly depends on how you want the dropdown to work, but here’s a good quality one:

Horizontal Drop Down Menus

The important thing is the functionality, not the look. This can be styled any way you want.

Thank you, once again, Mister :slight_smile: