Drop down menus in Dreamweaver 8

I just bought the Studio 8 package to learn it as I use it. I’ve settled on a Dreamweaver template I want to use for a new site, but I’d like to use drop down menus. I’ve read the help files but still can’t get it. Last year I invested in DHTML Munu from SoThink, and it works ok (used it with FrontPage, and I know it can convert to Dreamweaver). However, the problem with the widget is that it isn’t integrated well with the web page, and depending on your settings with Internet Explorer, it can actually be blocked.

So, I need an option for a horizontal menu, and I’d appreciate any help that this forum board can provide. I’d like to be educated on how to do it.

If you have Studio 8 – Fireworks has the ability to generate menus. I assume you haven’t tried that but I’m not positive as you did mention you “can’t get it” but I figured you were reffering to the SoThink menu.

I use fireworks, pretty simple, here’s a link to a tutorial.


Do not use the menus that integrate with FWs and DW. Here’s why:

You can learn to build them yourself, using the standard show/hide layers behaviour in DW… which I use on my dw resources site… or you can learn how to build them by following this tutorial:

Once you learn how to build one such menu, you don’t need to worry about having to buy third party dhtml menu systems which only bloat your code, are not search engine friendly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’d not use the Dreamweaver ones, very bulky. Check this site out.


Here is another site that has great menus, they are css with some js. I like this one a lot.



Thanks guys; for some reason I didn’t get the email alert to this thread so I didn’t know anyone responded until I just checked. So, if I understand you correctly, the SoThink third party ones are not good to use, right? I should create one in Fireworks following the tutorial? I’ll get started reading that today. Thanks again.

exactly, same as the ones from any of the dhtml sites - don’t use them :slight_smile:

I should create one in Fireworks following the tutorial? I’ll get started reading that today. Thanks again.

No again, they are the ones you can get into trouble with also, all links in the javascript. You also can’t use them with DW tempaltes.

Learn how to build them yourself by following this tutorial:

Once you’ve built one set, they become easier next time round.

Good Luck !